Saturday 10th  & Sunday 11th November 2018

Only $90 Per Day (1pm – 5.30pm) includes afternoon tea and networking in the exhibition area!
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Our Why


For too long, health and fitness prescription has come from men who think that women’s health can be optimised by doing the same things that men need to do. 

But, the truth is, no one can look after a woman’s health, quite as effectively as another woman. This is confirmed by science and experience, which recognises that a woman’s anatomy, physiology, hormones, and response to exercise, can be completely different to males’. 

It stands to reason, therefore, that in order for women to achieve and sustain optimum health and fitness, they need to be prescribed treatments and training methods that are, quite possibly, entirely differently to men. The challenge with this then becomes where to turn for inspiration and reliable sources of information. Because, as we all know, when it comes to health advice, there is so much information coming at us from so many different [often male-generated] sources, that it’s often difficult to know what or who to believe.

Enter: A Day For Women By Women.

This unique two-day Summit will nurture your need for truth. You’ll learn about health and fitness from women in the know, but it’s not like any other conference you’ll have attended before. Yes, the information you’ll receive will be steeped in science and evidence-based, but this Summit is designed to ensure that what you remember after the event, is not only the educational information that you’ll take home; but also the beautiful feelings you experienced while attending. 

Because this Summit is designed by women for women, you’ll sense the differences immediately. Without giving any details away, let’s just say, if you’ve ever wished you could attend an educational event that felt more like a retreat, then we’re here to tell you that dreams do come true! 

The Women In The Know

We recognise that today’s modern woman often feels overlooked, overworked, undervalued and underpaid, so the goal of this event is to introduce you to women in the know who will reinvigorate your passion, reenergise your soul, inspire you to prioritise yourself, and give you the tools to actually make the changes you need to live healither, ever after.

Yes, we have a stunning venue with feminine elements that you won’t receive at any other educational event, but even more special are the people who we’ve chosen to share their evidence-based information with you. We have hand-selected every single presenter after having identified their powerful, unique or practical message that can help you create and adopt a healthier, fitter and more enjoyable lifestyle. 

So let’s meet these Women In The Know…


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Rhythm & Soul

A multicultural dance around the globe including tastes of Polynesia, Africa, Bollywood and Clubercise. Join Fipe , Kiniki Stirling, Jade Purdie and Helen McQuillan for a fun filled exploration of music, moves and magic.

Jane Purdie

Jade Purdie:

Jade began her professional dance career performing in musicals & travelled the world as a dancer with the Scottish Rockettes.

Emigrating to Melbourne in 2014, Jade knew that there was a need for recreational dance-fitness in Melbourne. In 2017, jade became the Australasian master trainer for Clubbercise, travelling Australia wide to train and qualify budding instructors!  Recently, Jade opened the doors to her very own Dance-Fitness studio in Spotswood, Melbourne.

Helen McQuillan

Helen McQuillan

Helen is a chameleon of fitness and transforms effortlessly from teaching dance to strength to stretch. She is passionate about creating opportunities to connect people and have fun! She uses movement-to-music as a platform for inspiring greater physical and mental well-being. 
Masala means ‘spicy’. Bhangra is a folk dance from northern India. Dance to the beat of drum & shout “Balle Balle” as we combine the spiciness of Bollywood with the  energy of Bhangra.

Kiniki Stirling

Kiniki Stirling

Kiniki, 62 year old mother of three and grandmother of two. Kiniki has lived in many different countries including USA and China. Now a Part time Aged Care Worker, Group Fitness Instructor presently teaching BodyART twice a week at a local Gym, plays prolific Badminton and a member of Victoria Veterans Badminton Players. Kiniki also does voluntary work at a local shelter for underprivileged families and at Frankston Community Centre. Her best times are outdoors engaged in mind and body fitness activities like traveling, gardening and/or designing the sculptures in her garden, walking, dancing or cooking her famous family BBQs and at the moment learning to practice Tai Chi.

Fipe Preuss

Fipe Preuss

Fipe is a proud afakasi Samoan/German (NZ) Artist, Entrepreneur, Storyteller through movement, Festival Director, Community Activist, Community Cultural Development Practitioner, Scuba Diving Instructor and Chocolate maker…because…well…why not? Who seeks to engage in contextualising dislocated communities and cultures by activating the relational space.  Specialising in community engagement and the arts with experience over Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Fipe blends a strong creative spirit with a passion for creating platforms for others lights to shine. She’s a big haired sister that’s bold in colour and attitude.

Our Beautiful Venue

We can’t wait to welcome you to the Grand Hyatt Melbourne, for a weekend of education that is draped in decadence…

The Grand Hyatt Melbourne

123 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000


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